A Huge Success with Satish Vegesna

09 Feb,2017

'Shatamamana Bhatti' is the movie directed by Satish Vageshana directed by Sreenanand and Anupama Parameshwara on Sri Venkateswara Creations banner. The release of the film on January 14 was a hit blockbuster. Director Satish Vageshana has reportedly told journalists about the film success ...

How do you enjoy success?

- Very happy. I am enjoying the Sunshine Bhavana 'Success. But before Satyanam Bhavathi's film, Satish Vageshana is the same. If not, the time comes with the good name of the building Success.

How did Satish and Satish change before 'Shatamana Bhavathi'?

- Before the movie 'Sathamamana Bhavathi' I would tell the stories to hold the file and turn it back. These stories are asking to tell stories. That's not all. Any script can be trusted. Sometimes we can connect the story to the audition. Not a couple of connectors. This film has come a long time. Audience is a common object that is commonly connected to the movie audience. It was expected that the movie would be as safe as Defanet but did not think that this would be a big success.

Which is the Best Complimentation for you?

- This story was first heard by Raghavendra Rao. He has been working on this story for how long he heard. One year after that year, I said one year. This work is visible. Directors are usually concentrated on hero heroines. But every story in this story is appreciated. After the release of the film, Dasari Narayana Rao sent the bokey. Then he telephoned and the movie was calm. Send the film to the National Award for sure. When the show has been showered to Director's Association, KVVNVNADARA comes after many years and looks very good at the movie. After watching the film, we also want to learn. That is the great thing that the three of the directors who have taken the Telugu film to my movie Appreciate.

Before the story, the heroes did not want to do that?

- Sankranthi Concept Movie So we have a goal to release Sankranti Movie. So before the story of 'Shatamamana Bhavati' Saidhiram Tej or Rajtarun liked the story but Sinnama said. But they do not want to adjust the dates. So we wanted to release the movie to Sankranthi. On the one hand, we can not think of who's better to adjust the dates of heroes. Sharvanand did not seem enough to meet Sarva, and he liked the story and started the movie.

Why do you want to tell this story?

- There are two reasons to tell this story to Dilraj. I'm not in Success as director. In this way I should be a producer who believes in me or a producer who believes in the story. If the story is true, the director is a diligurous producer who does not mind whether he has any previous success or not. I think the name of the film is more than the commercial films of Bommarillu, Bommarangulakam and Seethamavakikil Sirimallelechat. So I told him this story because he believes that the king will believe in a good story. He liked it.

Is there any reason to have such a big response?

- Similar family entertaining films have come earlier. However, the Audience-connected scenes are low. But there are a lot of scenes that are connected to the Audience in the film Theater film. In recent times no such emotional point has been touched. The story may not be new, but the screenplay is new. That's why the Audience is well connected personally.

What is the effect of Dilrajujari in the making of this film?

- Dilrajugari banner is any movie that will be invaluable. The film is so popular that the film is a dinar banner in the movie. He has everything to do and look at every thing and get the output better.

How come the original 'Shatamana Bhavathi' story

- I've been working as a journalist today. When I was working, the magazines were dusk, Diwali, Sankranti festivals. The holiday was a holiday, but it was a holiday. There was a famine that festivities today seem to have a sleep. What is its base in the village? A short story is written. The story was also sent to the Andhra Pradesh rivalry. But they did not print. In the story I wrote, a girl comes to her grandmother's home for the Sankranthi festival but, as she may expect, the festival does not seem to be a festive atmosphere. The same thing is asked by the grandfather. Come on and answer the question. The rural community will grow but he does not know how much the karcoto knows how to forget the origins. I told Jagapathi Babu in the Kabaddi kabaddi time. He will make this film a short film and I will be producing it. I thought it was okay, but again I fell into the workshop. Some days later, when the story is told to some friends, they say the story is a story telling the story. Then I made my point of film

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