LIE Movie Review

18 Aug,2017

Nitin is a good promising and performingHero. When some of the intermittent strokes hit him, he finally got a craze for himself, the range hero.
The Sensitive Director presented the Falgud Classics like Hanu Raghavapudi "Andada Tanasi, Krishnagadi Veerapragada".
Ram Achanta, Gopi Achanta, Anil Sunkara, Successful Producers who made good hits on 14 Reel banner.
These three combinations make a film come from a trade-in and audiences. And what is the combination of three of these combined lia?
The hero Satyam (Nitin) is almost 90 percent of the movies now like the hero, but it is also worthless, the father pension is the introduction of a julai. The heroine is born in an upper middleclass family and has become an introductory to grow up. Beyond that, America has gone to honeymoon, and the bargain bargamady takes flight tickets. Thira's daughter comes to the marriage and dies in the accident. Worse asks a travel agent to leave his bank and get his ticket. That's not the case .. I want to add a shareholder to a partner. The heroine is heading to Las Vegas with someone who does not know anymore. He is the true hero. It's not like a flicky flick. You should not come to know how to send that person to someone who does not share in the sharing basis. The producer who coats all the coats, does not come to the donor you do not come to the hero.
But why is the hero of the United States going to do not sell, to get married and to break the secret of a suit? Army General General Subrottaram has a good deal of painting with hands. He gives a painting as a gift to International Criminal Padminam (Arjun). Francis, who is on the painting, Subroto Roy transfers fingerprints onto this suit. Control the entire Indian Army based on those finger prints. Nuclear missions can also be launched.
The truth is that the truth is that the truth that the US is about to save the Indian Army from such an accident is an under cover. Save the country like this, the girl
His love is not only love, but his father
The truth is that three Gosu's revenge for killing will come back to India. This is the story of 'Lie'.
The title of 'liye' is that the first time when hero heroes migrate in flight, we come to an undersandrag that we must say one thing to one another. According to that agreement, 'I hate you' means 'I mean you'. 'Lie' is the great act of birth from that deal.
This is the story of the film 'ly'. 'Listen to the one who listens to the lakuvaa see the lakuvava' looks like this movie. It is not surprising that the story of the director's Murthykku kiss him, but the story of the producer, the hero injecting it in the minds of the thugend dars quench. The film is about music, literature, dancing, performance, and technology, and does not need to do the analysis separately. Because yaradajaja tatapraja .. like yadakaka tada tatitharu ..
The 'Marriage Are Made In Heaven' means the wedding is performed in heaven so that the hero and heroine of the heroine is drawn from the heaven to witness the Devendra, Naradu who comes to a civil dress and tries to knock the bar. In the film, what the devotee wants to say is that the intellectual does not mean the general audiences except the intellectual and can not connect. This is briefly the story of 'Lie'. El For We, I For Intelligence, And E For Eight. This is the LI Abreversion Dee code. However, the film does not make the film an inspiration for the director Hanu Raghavapudi by his last two film 'Amma', Krishnagadi Veerapragada. It is true that Kangali is the overwhelming majority of the story in the film but it also has a lot of compounds for his creative heights. Missed fair was held in the executive despite a lot of quest for a new kind of action thriller.
Jaya pajaya does not need to be a parameter to his talent as a director. However, like most of this generation youngster, there is no exception to Hanu Raghavapudi in the case of producer Nandanadpadi. What is the story we said? What is the cost of producing the producer? What is the result? Cast Feiheir Film 'Lie' which reminds me of the need to purify the soul.
So my rating to 'lie' is: 2.5 / 5

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