Rangula Ratnam Movie Review

14 Jan,2018

Banner: - Annapurna Studios                                   Music: Srichak Pakkala

Photography: LK Vijay                                             Composition: Srikar Prasad

Art of Creation: Annapurna Studios

Directed by: Sriranji Release: - 14 January 2018

The film 'CarrotRunam' starring Rajatan and Chitrakulu in Annapurna Studios banner. Selva Raghavan's disciple Sri Ranjani will be directing the film through the film. Let's get to know the movie.

Story: - Hero Vishnu (Raj Tarran) runs a small business and lives with his mother. Shiva (Priyadarshini) is a good friend of Vishnu. One day, Vishnu falls in love with her after seeing the fame of Koodi (Chakra Shukla) in the temple. She gets acquainted with her. At the same time, Vishnu's mother (Sitara), accidentally dies with a heart attack. At that time, Vishnu says that he should be with him. Fame also accepts Vishnu's love. Fame, however, shows a passion for Vishnu. That love seems to be difficult for Vishnu. What decision does Vishnu make? Will Vishnu and fame fall in love? Or not? To know the film to see.

Plus points: -

* Hero Raj Tarran Performance * Sithra's performance in the role of mother

* Priyadarshini Comedy * Vijay Cinematography

* Heroin cine cucumber

Minus Points: -

* There is no newness in the weak screen play * story

* Unimpressed scenes * Unhealthy songs

* There are no youthful scenes

Review: - Hero Raj Tarun has always acted in his role as an actress. Knowing the love of the girl is unpleasant in the role. More about cinema shakes, good performance. In the role of hero, mother played the role of Sitara. There is no clarity on what the director told the story of Srirangam. Take care of the screenplay. The emotional scene where heroine dies is a terrific sight. The director gave me the opportunity to give me a good movie

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